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* EXECUTIVE01 teach me ur musics upload exactly Hw urs is plss
2016-09-03 18:19 · (0)
* Osazeworld * EXECUTIVE01 Hello Executive here is the code you need below.
var $image = /images/mp3.jpg
var $folder = /music/hip_hop/upload/
var $url = $folder.file_name.&name=.file_name_base_parsed.&type=.file_mime.&size=.file_size.&image=$image

assign $template = call htmlspecialchars $val=<div align="center" class="main_wrap"><div class="cover2"><div class="space"><a href="../file?url=$url"><img src="$image" class="image-wrap"/><br />.file_name_parsed.</a></div><div class="space"><b>File size :</b> [.file_size.]</div><div class="space"><a href="../file?url=$url" class="button">Download</a></div></div></div>

assign $result = <xt:filelist sort_type="name" sort_dir="asc" folder="$upload" template="$template" filter="*.*" per_page="6"/>

print $result

Copy code

1. The $template variable all are on a straight line else it won't work.
2. Change the css class to suite yours.
3. The ../file?url=$url is the page i am sending the variables to (change to suite yours).
2016-09-03 19:38 · (0)
* EXECUTIVE01 * Osazeworld I don't understand at all teach me little by litle like Hw to upload music's ,whee to put the codes e.t.c
2016-09-03 20:21 · (0)
* Osazeworld * EXECUTIVE01 Ok!
Put the code on any of your page you want to use it.
The $image variable is used to store the image path.
The $url variable stores the url path to the view page.
The $template variable stores the html elements.
The $folder variable stores the path where the files that will be looped is uploaded.
2016-09-05 23:27 · (0)

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